welcome to the

river garden grill

in a family restaurant on the Vltava riverbank

in the quite part of Prague's Karlin

what is our specialty?

We love beef, we prepare it on an American Montague grill, where the steaks retain their flavor and juiciness thanks to remarkable temperatures of up to 900°C.

We have selected only the highest quality beef from North American, Prime and Choice, but of course we have not forgotten about local suppliers with their high quality filet mignon.

Everything is prepared so that the meat on your plate exceeds your expectations

what is our passion

Season your dishes with fresh truffles.

We are passionate about selecting only the best quality truffles and recommend them for steaks and other dishes according to your personal taste. We offer truffles in a variety of preparations, try our signature truffle sauce.

Truffle lovers, as well as guests who have tasted truffles for the first time, have loved our truffle soup or been delighted with our homemade 'fuži' pasta with truffle and parmesan.

what is our forte

We guarantee freshness! Twice a week we bring you seafood directly from the Mediterranean.

 You can enjoy your favorite seafood delicates on the banks of the Vltava River, both in summer and winter.

We recommend trying the seafood tasting platter for two or our legendary St. James' mussels on lemon risotto.  

we offer a unique selection of world-class wines

A wide selection of quality wines from the world's best wine regions. 

Our strength is our wide range of quality California wines from Napa Valley, Sonoma and surrounding areas. 

Interestingly, we also offer wines from Istria, which is the hidden wine gem of Europe! Will you discover it with us?